Thursday, 27 August 2009

Why We Need More Women!

No, we are not talking about any kind of Polygamy here. Also we are not debating about the gender eqality. In fact we are emphasising that the two genders are different and how they can complement each other.

In the current era we hear all round cries for more representation for the fairer sex on every forum (with nothing happening in reality). We see the women's reservation bill hanging in suspence for quite a long while for the lack of political will and consensus. We listen to doubts on the wisdom of reservation for women - can the ladies perform or will they remain the same puppets in the hands of the men who decide (Like a Rabri Devi for a Lallu Yadav) ?

While we deliberate on the political representation of women, have a look at what
Kate sweetman writes, indicating the benefits of bringing more women up (atleast) the corporate ladder.

Though our corporate leadership is successful in providing equal opprotunities than our political leadership, they too can think in terms of minimum reservations for the fairer sex, if not for the women's sake then for the corporate's benefit.