Tuesday, 21 July 2009

To Be Frisked Or Not To Be Frisked?

I do not wish to pass any moral judgement on the issue of Our Ex-President Abdul kalam being frisked by the Continental Airlines.

The man himself seemed to be least bothered about it, unlike Praful Patel (Union Aviation Minister) who appeared to be fuming.

But have a look at some of the 'frisking related episodes' that have happened.

1) In November 2007, Union defence minister A.K. Antony informed the Rajya Sabha that the civil aviation ministry had turned down his ministry’s request to exempt the three service chiefs from being frisked at Indian airports.

Subsequently, after the furore and heated debate, the service chiefs were excluded from being frisked.

2) Robert Vadra is excluded from being frisked when accompanying his wife or mother-in-law, both of whom obviously are not in the list.

3) George Fernandes was reportedly asked to take off his shoes and socks at a US airport. He did feel the insult.

4) Somnath Chatterjee once cancelled his trip to Australia when officials insisted on making a physical search. He probably took it as the exploitation of a 'poor communist' by the 'capitalists' and since "Inquilabs" dont work at the emigration counter he might have decided to return.

In the 1980s, the list of those exempted from being frisked at Indian airports was limited to the President, Prime minister, Chief justice of the Supreme Court, Lok Sabha speaker and State Governors.

Today,the list also includes the three Service Chiefs, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, the Attorney General of India and all Bharat Ratnas, Ex-Presidents and Ex-Prime ministers.

The rest like Robert Vadra et al are more likely to be the unoffical " green card holders".

The former US vice-president Al Gore was once stopped for extra screening at an American airport (by then he had completed his term and had become a private citizen) He said he was “more than happy to do his part for airport security" .

The people there would probably have pushed him in to the cubicle for a thorough search and later patted him on the soulder saying "Hey Gore, man you did a good job there".

What is that irks (Abdul Kalam is not that type I guess) the VVIPs on being frisked?

Is it that they get the feeling that they are being doubted as a terrorist, or that they cannot be believed?

Or is it that they have hugely bloated egos and hence see themselves above the laws of the land?

The Face Book Story....

Those facebook buffs need to go through this link too :-
Facebook began in 2003 with two Harvard students: the now-famous programmer Zuckerberg, 25, and his classmate Eduardo Saverin, 26, who bankrolled the original operation and is no longer affiliated with the company. Both, according to the book, were self-proclaimed nerds who couldn’t get a date to save their life. The connection between not getting any and inventing Facebook would seem preposterous, if Mezrich weren’t so consistent in portraying Facebook’s founders as sexually frustrated. He measures each step of Facebook’s success in sexual currency.
What is written there may or may not be true. But what needs to be undertood is :-

1) All good things may not have been started with a holy attitude.

2) Even nerds are inetrested in girls. None escapes them.

3) At the bottom of every pyramid is a female. She decides if this Pyramid is to be felled or to inspire someone else to make another pyramid - in her honour that is.

Monday, 20 July 2009

A Heart Burn - Hollywood Style

--> Siena Miller suffered cleavage burn while filming new movie-->
Mon, Jul 20 09:47 PM
London, July 20 (IANS)

Hollywood actress Sienna Miller has revealed she burnt her cleavage while filming her new movie 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'.

The actress who plays femme fatale The Baroness in the movie suffered the accident after getting too near to a controlled explosion, reports contactmusic.com.

'Luckily, it wasn't my breasts, it was the bit in-between. It got a bit burnt when an explosion got a bit close,' she said.

Even the fire seems to be picky and choosy on what to burn.

On second thoughts I felt this could be a promotional stunt too - "Hey, its simple. If cleavage gets burned then, surely, there is ample of that in the movie." (Other wise why the hell should that alone get burned leaving everything else intact?)

If this stunt is not enough, then I guess, they will keep burning other things as well.

77 Year Old Comes Second in Marathon

I doubt if I can run even 2 Kilometers at a stretch.
This man here has completed his 93rd marathon at the age of 77.
And he started running marathons from the age of 52 after retiring from the Indian Air Force , as a cardiologist.

Iam awestricken by your achievement SIR.
You have shown that human endurance have no limits really.

Please read the link below and applaud the gentleman.


Sunday, 19 July 2009


"Train, five minutes late, is on time"

This is how the Dutch Railways made their trains reach their destinations 'on the dot'.
Currently 87% of their trains arrive inside 5 min of their respective time and they would like to improve it to 93%.

Here is the link :

But also read the interesting comments made on the page:

Comments of note 1:
"I am not into the management and control of trains BUT I do remember watching this great program on India and though they have all sorts of other issues there, their trains are never later than 1.2 minutes late."

By Solkhar June 30, 2009 7:40 PM

This ignorant fool, above, needs to come to India urgently to make some train trips.
Heh.....1.2 minutes.?Whats that?
Let him not show any trains with that kind of accuracy, but let him show me a railway clock with that precision, anywhere in the country.

Comments of note 2 :
5 minutes late? That is just fine by me. Have you ever used the train networks in the UK? Trains are very rarely on time and sometimes just don't turn up at all. Give me Dutch railways any day!

By Deep Throat July 1, 2009 12:27 PM

We Indians still follow the British systems faithfully. Trains late, trains not turning up, trains turning up after a week, trains dissapearing in to rivers and lakes. You name it we have it.

We also have metro rail bridges caving in before the weekend and again falling after the weekend; best of cranes turning turtle etc.


This Amir Khan of a boxer from England (he had featured earlier in my blog in "Amir Khan did a Salman Khan" ) , is certanly not a boxer by fluke.

He is a world champ. Thats a nice find I made.



It was nostalgic to read that a great (Booker prize winning) author like Arvind Adiga too had grown up reading english books the same way we all did.

Probabaly Enid Blyton was the only author we did not see him mentioning there.


Saturday, 18 July 2009


Now early teenagers can swipe too.


But if they cannot be expected to safe keep small amounts of pocket money, can they be expected to safely use these swipe cards?

I dont know. Guess, teenagers will themselves teach us about the innovative uses of a credit/debit card.



Then read further. I give the magic recipe via the link below.


Now, when we were in this type of business, no one supplied this link.
Hence by trial & error, stiletto stamped toes, bruised egos etc we just about managed to keep our heads above water.

Women wanted the same then also, I guess (How consistent they are !!). But we never knew.

Thats not the case with you all. You got it in 7 simple capsules.

Here have them : -

1)Be Romantic - Dont ask me how. But you can always switch off the power and bring on the candle light to start with. Now when I say candle light- dont think of mosquitos. And dont sweat. You are supposed to be sitting only in A/c or in a cool mosquito free place.

2)Confident - Initially atleast. Later on it will surely be zapped.

3) Artistic - If you are not , then atleast keep on agreeing to what ever she calls art.

4) Foreign guy - Zero in on a women from a country other than your's.

5) Free spirit guy - Now dont start drinking right away. Also remember that there is a very thin line between "free spirit" and "madness" and you have to also reckon how much of "free spirit" activities are allowed in the laws of the land.

6) Smart witty guy - Never enlighten (even in jest) your lady love by saying " Had I been smart and witty why would I be with you"? Thats not being smart.

7) Considerate guy - Unlike the confident guy mentioned above - dont be assertive or aggressive. Considerate is the word here.

Now you have got a hang of things.

All the best to you dude !!

Friday, 17 July 2009


"Mass scenes of wobbling bottoms spotted in the heart of London!"

" Here's what it's all about: "A peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture.

A shot from a protest done in London , June 2009.
Courtesy Urban 75.
I Particularly liked whats written behind that smartass.


I was a worried man.

After coming back from work I had a sumptuous supper. Then I got worried. Worried about the welfare of this country and its people and finally the population explosion.

I was also worried about something else. What will the cabinet ministers in the UPA govt. (current govt.) bring out from their magic hats to impress their prime minister in the 100 days programme given by the PM.

Kapil Sibal (minister of education) got somethin glitzy to hang on to, and quickly too - scrap the board exams he announced.

(By the way what the PM said, about the 100 day ultimatum, sounded something like -Perform or Perish - the second word was perceived to be silent. Perceptions can always be wrong.)

I was watching the television while savouring my dessert.

Now since the IPL is over , there was nothing eye catching on the telly other than the titillating ads (Hey I dont watch those , honestly, and dont take me to be otherwise.)

Thats when I got deeply worried once again, though in a sleepy kind of way, about the problems faced by India. I decided to retire to bed to contemplate deeply on all those problems.

It was as I switched off the TV, yawning, that I hit upon that brilliant idea, atleast for one of the major problems plaguing India.

But I was shell shocked the next morning , when I saw in the papers that our Health and Family Welfare minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad had hit upon the same idea a little while before me on the previous day.

Since that happened - my way of thinking and how I hit upon the same have no relevance here.

Mr. Azad takes over from here.

Mr. Azad reportedly gave vent to his ideas on a telly talk show . Some of those insightful lines are reproduced here. the entire link to the news item is given at the bottom of this write up.

Mr. Azad went some what like this :

"In olden days people had no other entertainment but sex, which is why they produced so many children. Today, TV is the biggest source of entertainment. Hence, it is important that there is electricity in every village so that people watch TV till late in the night. By the time the serials are over, they’ll be too tired to have sex and will fall asleep"

(Why cant we ask our rural folk to plough till midnight? That way agriculture production too can be increased along with reduction in population. But for city folks , there is no way that they can plough. Any how, unlike the rural folks, they are not sex monsters.)

"Televisions could reduce India’s population growth by 80 per cent"
(How quickly he could calculate all the related percentages, brilliant.)

As the link suggests, with people like Mr. Azad in charge of, health , family welfare, population control etc is India serious about all these?

It is true that many women in rural India do not have knowledge of, or access to, contraception. Health services are abysmal and women are often unable to exercise any real choice. Of course all women should have the right to access contraception and to have control over their own reproduction. Yet instead of insisting that every village have access to healthcare, contraception, education and electricity in order to enjoy greater comfort, freedom and leisure time, campaigns to ‘stabilise’ the population are driven by an assumption that human life itself is a problem. People are seen as a drain on economic and natural resources and it is assumed that it is just impossible to support so many people. As Azad put it: ‘We need to think that more children means more problems.’

After this interview of Mr. Azad , I get a feeling (feelings can also be wrong) that these things can happen :

1) Television manufacturers will be elated. The cable guy will be seen doing a hip hop.

2) Condom manufacturers (and other contraceptive manufacturers too) will feel miserable.

3) Medical shops will be seen stocking supplies of television.

4) Farmers will be seen carrying television sets to the fields , just in case they feel something inbetween.

5) The scientific community will have to do a lot of research on whether this is a male contraceptive or a female one or a general one like a general anaesthesia.

6) Marriage registrations (only in rural areas) will now require, signatures + a television set.

7) Finally every year the rural folks will celebrate this day as -'Azadi from Sex'.

Now we can proudly say , "Apart from 'Zero' India has given another great concept to the world".



"90-year-old man moves family court for divorce"

After all a man has a right to live his own life after a 'certain' age . Does'nt he?

"Before you go upstairs kaka - (This is Indian kaka and not the kaka of Brazilian football)
All the best to you."

Thursday, 16 July 2009


If you know nothing about that, I will help you in answering the same.

Its calculated by way of Human Resource Accounting (HR Accounting), it seems.

There are different models used for the same and one of the popular ones is "Lev & Schwartz model " (Ever heard of these two guys?)

How's the calculation done?

It simply discounts your potential future earnings as an employee and computes a Present Value. There u are. Your worth as on date to generate so much income for your company is reflected.

This is how Infosys came out with a valuation for its employees recently- read the link.


So to improve employee worth what do we do?

The company simply has to pay its employees more.

But then the employees have to earn their respective higher salaries right?

So they have to put in better performance.

Ultimately it boils down to this but ina scientific manner:-

1) Since you are yourself not aware of your worth, your company computes the same to tell you this :-

" First of all you are not as worthy as you think you are. Understood? and hence start working hard from now or else you wont be there next time for us to calculate your worth. Understood lazy bugger?"

Still not clear? Read the Research Scholar's writing about the model from the link given below.



"Man appeals to sue his rape accuser"

He seeks to prosecute the rape accuser for falsely implicating him.
This is in the United Kingdom.

While it certainly gives the false rape accuser the necessary caution, it also needs to be said that this might be applicable to developed countries.

In countries like India where rape is still as stigmatic as leprosy in our society, it will only help further intimidation of the victims and thus preventing them from seeking justice.


Women who cry rape face being sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages if the prosecution fails to secure a conviction in court, it was claimed during a landmark legal challenge yesterday.

Anthony Hunt, 69, a former magistate from Dorset, was jailed for rape for four years in 2003 but had his conviction quashed on appeal in 2005. Yesterday he asked the Court of Appeal to allow him to sue his accuser, identified as AB, for damages of £300,000 for what he said amounted to his malicious prosecution.

The case could open the floodgates for compensation claims from hundreds of men who have been cleared of rape.

Is there a provision in law which gives the defender the automatic rights to prosecute the accuser in case the original prosecution fails in its attempt to convict the defender ?

Like - I file a consumer court complaint. If I fail to prove the company's failure in giving proper services, do I run the risk of being sent to jail?

Is that fair and justified?


It did take some amount of hatred to commit this crime.

Its not only in Australia that hatred & persecution occurs. It can happen anywhere and against anyone.
“The investigation into this bloody crime is bound to show there are some indications the suspect was hostile toward foreigners — the signs are there,” said Saxony police chief Bernd Merbitz told Bild.

Magdi Al-Sayed, press officer at the German embassy in Cairo, said the case was isolated and did not reflect German attitude towards Muslims.

“It is a criminal act. It has nothing to do with persecution against Muslims,” Sayed told the Egyptian state newspaper The Egyptian Gazette.

Terming it as a criminal act may help us to stop inflaming religious feelings, but may also stop us from getting to the bottom of things.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


It was interesting reading, bcoz in the first place,I never knew such a controversy existed.
I personally think they wouldnt have faked it so elaborately though they would have liked to.

Also the Russians and other defeated eastern bloc nations would have got to the bottom of things much sooner, had the US faked. So Iam inclined to believe the landing.

Go through the link below:



A photo of Hizballah's
Al-mahdi scouts in lebanon- courtsey Alexander Avakian (windows of the Soul).
If they live long enough,what will they grow up to become?


Far removed from us, in the Xinjiang province of China, things turned for the worse.

We really dont know much about China , do we? Also we care less about them than we care for their missiles. China really is in the blind spot for us. We dont want those slimy , moth and snake eating people to disturb our dreams of the western world.

But as we read further , we find out that people all over the world are similar. Similar histories leading to similar consequences and futures. The linkages are blurred by the boundaries and distances.

The marathi manoos in Mumbai shouts for his rights. The others from outside feel 'we too belong'.

Parallels are everywhere, and lessons for us to learn.

Like other minorities, Uighurs are given additional points in China's college entrance exam, but as a group they don't have the same educational level as Han Chinese. Many can't speak fluent Mandarin. Company managers with roots outside of Xinjiang often make hiring decisions based on connections or regional origin, leaving Uighurs at a disadvantage. China doesn't have a fair-hiring law, meaning that those with sufficient skills and experience still have no recourse if they face discrimination in the job market.


Literally the dick went right in to his head. Read on....


Gender bias in such an extreme form might be after all unique to India.

One or two things came to my notice again.

1) The man is 65 and I applaud the fact that he is still trying.
2) How would he be smelling after these 36 years? I applaud his wife.
3) The man's complete faith in his Baba even after 36 years. Here I applaud the baba.


Just under 8 months after 26/11 and look at our "Resilient Mumbai"

There goes all our resolve to teach the perpetrators of crime a lesson.
We were resilient with our candle light marches. Almost like a picnic on foot to Gate way of India.
No candle lights this time around against the promised talks witth Pak?

By the way, why not have a hunger strike instead of a candle light march?
Not so glamourous or upmarket or sexy? And after all we have to get back to our good lives right?
So candle is the best.
Ask Kasab , he will also agree, incase u want an approval from someone of stature.

Everything is now forgotten and washed away in the heavy monsoon down pour. The glitterati and the self righteuous citizens have returned back to their respective roles - candles are kept handy incase its needed all of a sudden.

So until next 26/11 we talk.
Now read the link below:

Since we know about our resolve,why cant we just devote our time to "Targeting" than "Talking". Atleast by hit and trial if we can get some odd result, even that is better no?

The Dawoods and others sitting deep inside Pakistan deserve nothing less.
Unlike the melodranmatic Kasab trial going on at huge expenditure of tax payers money - ELIMINATE should probably be the ideology.

Identify , Target and Eliminate at all levels - there lies our peace and not in the shadows of our candle light nor in chatting up your neighbour.


--> Security stepped up in Mumbai after IB warning-->
Wed, Jul 15 01:33 PM
Wed, Jul 15 01:33 PM
Mumbai, Jul 15 (PTI) Security has been stepped up across the financial capital and in neighbouring districts following Intelligence Bureau (IB) inputs warning of possible terror strike. "We have increased our vigil at some banks in the city and also railway stations following the IB warning on July 8," Maharashtra Minister of State for Home Naseem Khan told PTI here today.
Such warnings and inputs from the IB are received on a regular basis and accordingly security is beefed up at necessary locations, he said. According to police sources, vigil has been increased at railway stations like Churchgate, Dadar, Andheri (on Western line) and a few on the Central Railway''s Harbour line in neighbouring Navi Mumbai.
The IB also mentions four dates on which terrorists plan to carry out the attacks, the sources added.
What did I tell u..See....
All the while we are talking, they are scheming to blow our ass off.
Perpetrators are either this fellow or that fellow, the blame gets shifted. The target remains the same. INDIA.

Hail Candle Light !!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009



"Now finally, here was a tiny glimpse of Obama’s id. Despite his gentleman self, he seems to be sneaking a glimpse at this young lady’s gorgeous behind and fabulous hair when she can’t catch him doing it. And how can we fault him? I would have stared, too. "

So the trick is to LOOK - but to avoid being caught. (But Sarkozy doesnt subscribe to such intricacies, he seemed to have acted decisively)

So finally..... tell me - Is the President allowed to stare at the bottoms or not?

After all his economy is doing the same.



Hey, this Amir Khan here sounds more like our own, Salman-without shirt- Khan


--> Harbhajan Singh, Sreesanth visit Rameswaram-->
Tue, Jul 14 04:14 PM
Tue, Jul 14 04:14 PM

Rameswaram (TN) Jul 14 (PTI) Cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth paid obeisance at the famous Ramanathaswamy temple here last night. The players were in this temple town yesterday in connection with the shooting of an ad film, officials said.

Among the shots recorded were the two players walking along the Ariyaman beach near Uchipuli and playing cricket. Police have to escort the cricketers away from the temple site after a large number of fans gathered there.

IPL brought the cheek and the hand togather.

Almighty's ad-power brought-em- togather.

36 B v/s the A-CUP


Its tiny but useful. It supports the sagging spirit leaving the flesh untouched or may be lightly touched.

The sales figure in Japan helps me discover some things :

1) Men around 30-40 have stress . Others are either under stressed or beyond the bra based recovery method.

2) Now I understand why women are happy always. After all if the nano cup can bust stress, the big ones can bust anything.



Its a lion hearted, recession free move - appreciated.
But at the same time it raises some questions too.

Like.... Would any other corporate have attempted the same? (A grand expansion in times of recession? Remember the huge expansion drive by Subhiksha retail and its effect?

OR was it a finance ministry driven move as part of the grand orchestration to counter the recession by making available the banking channel credit to the public thus trying to drive up the demand ?

What about manning of the new branches? Do we forsee a huge recruitment drive ahead too?

One thing is sure O.P Bhatt (CMD of SBI) as the head of a private corporate and O.P. Bhatt as the the CMD of government backed SBI will behave differently, the fear factor being absent in the latter.

Monday, 13 July 2009



If this is true then I think there is no other way than to plug all 'loop holes'.



Thought this was a unique phenomenon restricted to India. Now I know its not so.

Now our ministers can safely make an "educational tour" to Vietnam , China and such other countries, along with their families to study how they tackle this particular problem.



This was an insteresting read. Should go on a round reading and deciphering the names around us, i guess.

Sunday, 12 July 2009



This topic is so welcome for the people who dont understand why the hell are things so expensive while your inflation is all the time in negative figures.

Inflation can be based on two indices, WPI and CPI.
Why should I care if the inflation is based on WPI or CPI ? (for those from non-economics, non-finance........ background, WPI based inflation is around -1.5 where as that based on CPI is around +10) .

Now try and recollect what infaltion index your sabjiwala follows and you will understand the futility of maintaining the two indices.

Going towards a single indicator is one very good step.

Great first statisitical step Pranab da, atleast after the big budget that supposedly fizzled out.

Now before pushing off have a look at the chinese Indices also: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/bizchina/2009-07/16/content_8435537.htm


Read the link below first :

People get to think things out after the "things happen" and while cooling their heels while ideally it should have been thought out before with a cool head.

But what ever, really, this is too much of a new line of thinking. "The lower caste .......being aggressive in nature etc".

Thats like trying to wriggle out of a very very.....tight corner I should say and sounding as if having run out of arguments. Sensing the futility of things and just lashing out as a last gasp struggle.

Tthese thoughts should have been rather 'pre -rape', isnt it?

Looks like it wont be much, before Shiney gets polished off.


Though Iam no where near a six footer nor do I give the impression of being Tall as in "tall dark and handsome"(I can be the darkness part of it though) I never wished to be anyone else. That probably is why I cannot fathom the lengths to which people go to bridge the gap.