Sunday, 31 January 2010

Why Should I BLog?

Here is someone trying to assign some reasons , methods and some sanity to the blogging world and spirit.

Are those the reasons why I blog?
Are those methods used by me? OR should I use them at all?
Should there be any methods or rules at all?

The social media is itself becoming so complicted that it is now almost as diverse as the human nature itself and i guess assigning rules may be like stifling the diversity.

The diversity shall define the boundary and rules.

The All New iPad

After a laptop, note book and an iPhone now its the iPad.
iPad is something between an iPhone & a Laptop and looks a tablet like thing.
Roughly costing between $500 to & $900 (Rs.23000 to Rs.43000 roughly)

But will it succeed? The iPad is by no means a sure bet. It still, after all, is a tablet—fairly big and fairly heavy. Unlike an iPod or an iPhone, you can’t stick an iPad in your pocket or pocketbook. It also looks to be a cumbersome device. The iPad would be ideal for a three-handed person—two hands to hold it and another to manipulate its touchscreen—but most humans, alas, have only a pair of hands. And with a price that starts at $500 and rises to more than $800, the iPad is considerably more expensive than the Kindles and netbooks it will compete with.

These iPad like , tablet like things have been in existence for quite some time, however now they stand a chance of being the solution to a set of problems rather than being a problem whose solution no one knew.


Probably the one big effect that iPad is going to have is on the book worms. iPad has a book store wherein you can keep reading books one after the other. Also the tablet is almost like a book being held (and light enough too) and can be held and read as if reading a book.

Now its not actually the nerds who are having a party over the iPad release. Its the ladies.
iPad was quick to remind them of a different kind of pad they are used to and having fired their imagination they are now fantacising about real iPads, iTampons and iCondoms. Listen to these tweets....

Saturday, 30 January 2010

For Those Who Feel Very English.

Here is a blog with a speciality friday feature aimed at those who feel themselves to be on top of the english vocabulary peak.

Get ready for a crash landing with a big thud.