Wednesday, 12 August 2009

One DJ Gets Magsasay

An engineer who reached MIT.
A couple of years there and he's back in India to work for the "poor India".

He helped uplift about 1,00,000 families.
His NGO PRADAN is associated with projects in about 5 Indian states all among the poorest of the poor.PRADAN works with around 1,70,000 families and adds around 20,000 to 30,000 families every year.

Poverty, for him means- "at one level it is the inability to feed your children and yourself, at another level it's the fact that you don't count, you don't have a voice, you can't influence anything."

His pancea for food security and empowerment of the poor and unskilled is - Proper management of Rain-fed agriculture by better rain water harvesting.

He says " Work is work, nothing high or low brow- it became a habit for me"

That's Deep Joshi for you - the recipient of Magsaysay award this year.

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