Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mothers -in- Law , Safe and Kicking

Its official now.

Mothers-in-law can safely kick their daughters-in-law.

Whats more, they can threaten and and recycle their used clothes too.

Look at it this way-

If the daughter-in-law's mother had kicked her when she was at her home and given her old clothes of her sister, would she have complained?

So why does she complain now?

Afterall if her mother had kicked her properly then, she would not have to be repaired now.

So any way you look at it - "Its Saas Andher Bahu Baahar" (similar sounding to Baba Ramdev's Pranayam?)

"Allegations that appellant No 2 (mother-in-law) kicked the respondent (daughter-in-law) with her leg and told her that her mother is a liar may make out some other offences but not the one punishable under Section 498A. "

"Similarly her allegations that the appellant No 2 poisoned the ears of her son against the respondent; she gave two used lady suits of her daughter to the complainant (daughter-in-law) and has been giving perpetual sermons to the complainant could not be said to be offences punishable under Section 498 A", it said.


There is something in it for the sons too. Now they need not fret over their ears getting poisoned from either side.

And if his mother can kick her, why not he too enjoy doing his bit.

(Disclaimer : Whereas the court decision is on a specific case, this write-up is general in nature and does not attempt to question the court nor its wisdom in any manner whatsoever. This is a write-up without any prejudice or malafide intentions to any person or institutions mentioned above)

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