Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Unhealthy Minister

After the Television - contraceptive, our health minister comes back with a bang. This time saying that the dead child in Pune (Reeda) was responsible for spreading the virus to around 80 people.

Though he quickly retracted the statement and apologised to the family - it showed the insensitivity of the minister

And then he follows it up with another gem when he said - around 33% of the Indian population are likely to contract the flu by 2011 and many more deaths are likely to happen.

He means :-
1) Another 30 odd crores will surely be infected.
2) The flu is likley to remain for another 2 years atleast.

Even if these are true, I cannot fathom the minister's wisdom in scaring the people.

Then he says - "People should not PANIC"

Ram Gopal Varma may have failed in scaring the film going public with his film "Agyaat".
Our health minister here scares the whole nation with his foot-in-the-mouth comments.

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