Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Now I Start Fantacising !!

No, I did'nt meet a beautiful girl recently to make me do so.

What Iam fantacising and salivating about, is a reality show. After all only that seems to succeed these days. Yes reality though artificially created seems to succeed.

We like :
  • Normal people behaving below par; People thought to be decent but talking dirty;
  • Glamourous people going about in their negligees - as if they might do so privately at home;
  • Well known people fighting and abusing each other;
That's reality, and that tickles us a lot in a nice way and in all the right places, right ? After all reality TV is all about getting to see what we don't get to see and what we usually fantacise about and want to see. That's the reality.

Back to my fantasy -

  • A few of the ruling party's cronies and those of the opposition make the basic theme of my reality show. All with their Z-plus security ofcourse.
  • The other gentlemen that we require will be a few illiterates, literates, corporate honchos and ofcourse a few dons (Dawood can appear on the TV screen as the host probably - direct from Karachi)
  • When gangsters appear so do item girls. Hence a few of them can be thrown in too. The politicians Iam sure will not object and the opinion of the illiterates don't matter anyhow. The literates and honchos can steal a glance while going through their books.
  • If you feel like including a free lance killer, Kasab is always there though may be a bit out of practice.
  • Since parole is freely available some killers and serial killers too can be roped in.
  • There you are we get the best of all realities - our nation, at the press of a button.

A never ending reality with the highest of TRPs

Vigilant India thwarts another 26/11 errr.....11/11 rather.

The cyclone Phyan that was to hit Mumbai and Gujarat had become a major security concern for India.

'As always' the administration was very vigilant. Kudos!! Constant warnings being given free of cost, gave many working people expectations of a holiday declaration and finally that came about making them almost delirious with joy.

The cyclone, though not sent by Taliban (they are not in to cyclonic terror yet), had successfully terrorised the people (or were they happy? - I heard someone mentioning that Mumbai is always a happening city, ofcourse like all mumbaiites he said the same from the comforts of his environs and then he also doesn't need to go fishing for his lively hood. For him its certainly a happening city and he goes for jogging only when the coasts are clear. Thats his style of Art of Living).

Then came the icing on the cake. "Phyanji -our cyclone bhaisaab" having successfuly got a halfday holiday declared for the working (toiling, constantly travelling, jostling, sweating, cursing, fighting... etc) class in mumbai, then turned, twisted, yawned and went off to sleep. He peed before going to sleep giving us the drizzle. The strong security measures being adopted probably pissed him off.

That's the great Indian security success story for you. Now we are totally free from any attacks from the sea side.

For my part, the cyclone was like a full toss being bowled without any fielders on the field. So I fed my boss with constant updates on the impending storm and successfully liberated myself by around 3pm.