Tuesday, 4 August 2009


It seems Maharashtra is ahead of Bihar in the number of crimes committed (..errr atleast reported) So the link below suggests


A detailed list of other crimes (in 2008), not seen in the link but shown in the paper based version of the news paper, goes like this :

Dacoities; Robberies; Burglaries; Thefts

1085; 3031; 16004; 52860 for Maharashtra

640; 1536; 3343; 14143 for Bihar

Thats awesome figures for Maharashtra. Bihar may look to out gun the Marathi Manoos next time around.

But what perplexes me is this - How to distinguish between burglary, theft, dacoity and robbery?

Each obviously looks to be a different profession.

Looking at the figures we may safely assume that while theft is a mass oriented profession with lower skill requirements, Dacoity is a class phenomenon with higher specialisation.

Also that the dacoits may have to ensure a basic minimum number of personnel and a threshold sum , otherwise they face the ignominy of being called thieves.

I pity the policemen who have to not only find the criminals but also do the exact required classification.

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