Saturday, 15 August 2009

Disregard to the Anthem on the 15th?

Looked strange to me.

There was the national anthem playing in the background. People (spectators and other officials) in the stadium could be seen standing, including some foreigners too.

But the anchor on the Doordarshan Sports and Aparna Popat (if Iam not mistaken) were seen seated and what's more they were carrying on with their expert chatter, with the national anthem as their background music. The anchor even appeared to be irritated by the national anthem being played in the background. This happened around 1.50 pm, today, during the live telecast of the world badminton championships being held at the Gatchibowli stadium , Hyderabad.

Now I do not know whether the anchor and Aparna Popat were seated in the stadium, the studio or somewhere else.

Was anthem audible to them? It appeared to be so.

Did'nt they know what to do on hearing the national anthem?
Were they so callous enough to disregard our national anthem or was it plain negligence?
That too on the government owned channel?
That too on our Independence day.

I hope I saw things wrongly.
But I am all for finding out what actually happened.
People can make mistakes. But the issue should be sorted out so that some others don't commit such blunders again.That too on the National Television.

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  1. Its sad that this actually happened. Whether one is being observed or not one ought to pay respect to the national anthem.