Sunday, 23 August 2009


Life is strange and some deaths are even stranger.

Syed Modi was murdered in 1988.

Why would someone want to murder a badminton champion? Obviously not his badminton rival. Its not settled in sports that way. Also there was not enough money in badminton at that time (Is'nt it the case even now?)
. Atleast not enough money to motivate a murder. But it happened.

Murders happen based on mostly business/ money rivalry; fight for women; and family/community/caste honour. Right

Money being out of question here, an entire ocean of suspects can be excluded. Could it have been for a woman? The murdered man's wife marries a UP politician two years after the murder. As soon as he is acquitted by the courts. They live happily ever after. So it could have been for her - a point blank love.

From 1988 - 2009 , one by one most of the accused are liberated by the courts. Only one contract killer gets a lifer at last. The scape goat? or the contract convict? I dont know . But its strange that the contract killer should decide to make a murder on his own and he didn't get the dead man's wife. Some one else did. But that was incidental, atleast it is made to appear so.

Since he is the only one to be convicted we should assume that he made out a contract to himself to eliminate someone.
Very bad guy.

The honourable courts are right, but then its a bit strange that after 20 years of struggle we find no motive for the crime. Scotland yard says - any murderer how so ever well planned or meticulous makes on an average 39 mistakes to which the police and courts can latch on to.

But we failed to even find the motive. In the motive lies the criminal. Hence we failed in the first step itself. Hence we failed to find the motive itself, lest we may arrive at the criminal himself.

So we have now set a new precedent in the criminology books, so that scotland yard and others may update themselves.

We have donated an unmotivated high profile crime for the records.

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