Monday, 10 August 2009

How Many More?

England decided to pull out of the World Badminton Championships in Hyderabad. Not that they were bound to make a huge impact on the matches. But that's besides the point.

Whats relevant is that, this is becoming a trend now. Sports in India is getting targeted.
(Sports in Pak too, probably- the way Srilankan cricketers were attacked)

First it was the IPL being shifted to South Africa.
Cricket did'nt lose. India did.

Now the guns are trained on Badminton.

Do we see the threats continuing for the Nehru Cup Football (August 19-31, 2009); the hockey world cup ( March 2010); Common Wealth games (October 2010); and the cricket world cup (2011) ?

Iam sure the last two certainly will be a tug-of-ego-war between India and the terrorist outfits.

Its Indian sports under threat - generally speaking. This is on top of our Sports Boards, Assocaitions, Federations etc heaping shit on our sportsmen.

(Disclaimer : Cricketers are beyond sportsmen and being on a much higher pedestal they heap shit on others and not the other way. They can dope too or atleast avoid doping tests, since their families get to spent less time with them. Hence applying the term 'Indian Sport' to them may be misplaced.)

Someone has to pay for these Pak based anti sports threats, surely. Why should we be at the receiving end, silently bearing it all - shifting venues, cutting sorry pictures in the face of withdrawing national teams and all. Why should we?

If not the political establishments, then atleast the sports establishments in Pak should be made to pay for these. That way we may atleast sleep peacefully, after having done something.

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