Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nobel & Nudity

Both are linked.
No, they have'nt yet announced a new Nobel for the best nude. No

They are linked by blood.
Nobel Laureate father Amartya Sen's daughter, Nandana Sen, plays a nude model in the film "Raja Ravi Varma" - a film about the painter prince of the Travancore Royal Family in Kerala.

Whats more, there is every chance of an M.F.Hussain style controversy being raked up for replacing Goddesses Saraswati's and Lakshmi's faces with that of Nandana Sen.

That's after this swine flue mess gets cleaned up.

Nandana and her co-workers may be wishing the same too- for the publicity that years of advertisement cannot bring can be achieved with one good controversy.

Thus the controversial prayer to the Goddesses are already made now.
Controversial blessings remain.

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