Sunday, 23 August 2009

Blogging Tips From Blog Gurus

Its tough going guys, being a blogger.

Not that you want your blog to be the best, but then you also want others to read your blog, right? Though you certainly derive satisfaction from writing , you would want someone to read that and comment on it, don't you?

Take my case for example. I learnt about blogging 3 years back. Got started then. Never publicised it and posted almost like twice in a year or so. Recently the blogging bug got to me. So here I am, pouncing on almost everything, and writing a blog about it.

I am sure many are there like me out there (Of the 11 crore i.e 110 million bloggers the world over and the millions getting ready to start). For all of them here is some help.

Look at guys like Amit Agarwal, an IIT alumnus who have taken up full time blogging along with being a technological columnist. He is now among the top 200 bloggers in the world and has around 2.5 million page views a month. Another one, Amit Verma, after being in the, now blogs full time and has taken up writing as a career.

You can also have a look at some of the best Indian blogs and decide for yourself, what you would like to write and how. There are thousands of others whom you will come across while u keep blogging. All the info should help you.

Though its tough trying to be the best among bloggers, I guess its even greater fun just trying to be so. It can also help many others by getting them the information that they want, all the while enriching your own experience and knowledge about this world.

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