Friday, 7 August 2009

Epidemic, Pandemic or Whatever ; Somethings that Possibly You Could Do

Everything comes to India. Except its people - they all want to go out.

After reading about it for a while - creating chaos in the east asian and western countries, we are ultimately face to face with the swine-flu.

Why the hell did it choose Pune? More swines there? I dont know.

But even Delhi and other cities are starting to throw up many more cases of the disease.

Citizens of other rich countries can quell the danger by shutting themselves out from the outside world.

But not Indians.
They will then die of hunger.
They have to essentially go to work.

So what do we Indians do?

1) Wear a mask (Iam sure, in a few days time flight tickets will be cheaper than masks)

2) Wash your hands and face frequently and keep them clean. Never touch your face with your hands after touching any object or anyone.

3) Eat what ever you want (The flu does'nt spread that way)

4) If you feel the symptoms keep away from others and consult a doctor.

Symptoms include : Cough, sore throat, fever, chills, body ache , running nose etc.

5) Take a dose of the drug Tamiflu, probably ( Forget the flight ticket, the vaccine might become costlier than the plane itself)

Read this link below, quite a useful one :

Now be a gentleman and dont throw stones at the swines that cross your path.

We already have crossed that stage
. Swines dont spread the disease anymore.

Its spreading from human to human now.

So be a good boy, keep yourself clean and help others around you to remain safe.

The situation is grave and can go out of hand.
Dont let that happen.
Dont let the flu make a swine out of you. protect youself.

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