Monday, 28 December 2009

Carbon Credit and Copenhagen

I got overwhelmed by the avalanche of reporting from copenhagen while I was still trying to find out what they were really talking about in Copenhagen.

Global warming, ozone layer, carbon credits and emissions etc. looked like the icing on the cake that I could not see.

Then came the whole lot confusion, resentment, anger persuasion etc of negotiating the text , with some trying to keep alive the kyoto agreement (where in the world is that place?and why do they want to keep it alive?), while some others wanted to wipe kyoto off.

Obama strode in , the Chinese premier and Indian Prime minister both sulked, and while the european countries lined up behind the US as usual the Africans feeling more safer in the company of brown skins stood beside the Indians and didn't particularly mind the Sino-Indian camarderie.

Locally, I listened to a lot of technical jargons, conjectures and theories - coming from my friends & colleagues who in the first place never believed in weather/climate or its forecasts. All of a sudden their awareness had increased.

But of all the people only one man spoke explicitly and sensibly about climate talks, laying things out simply - M.D.Nalappat . Its better to read him than attend any Copenhagen talks.

On Auto Pilot To Catch The Flight

Mamta Bannerjee beats the traffic.

Couldn't help wondering what some other ministers might have done - probably would 've called up the airline to wait for them till they got out of the jam and boarded.

To some extent that might have happened here too - the pilot getting mixed up in the traffic jam looked very fishy.

Listen to This ...........

Someone says - "......matters of public policy are not to be discussed in public."

WHAT THE F... does he mean?

Then how are they to be discussed - privately? Secretly may be... so that those privileged few with prior information (insider information) of things can keep on exploiting the others - the public, because they are not entitled to know of policies made on their behalf.

This is what external affairs minister S.M. Krishna had to tell about the tweeting Shashi Tharoor and his 'wayward ways'.

Now if the "public policy" cannot be discussed, analysed, taken apart or critcised in public then there is no use us lamenting about the state of affairs in India. With ministers talking like this - the secretive, non transparent administrative methods are bound to thrive at all levels from the Presidential Bungalow to the local police station where it took Ruchika and her kin years to file an FIR.

S.M. Krishna should first of all stop behaving as if he is the only man with a balanced mind who can absorb it all and that the rest of his country men are absolute duds who understand nothing and more over create a mess if kept informed.

How long will these pompous ministers keep hoodwinking the public like N. D. Tiwari did till he was 86 ?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Cricket In Your Town. You'r Not Allowed To Watch!

'Are the tickets already sold out?'
'Well... there are no tickets to be sold.'

'No tickets to be sold? Then who will watch the game?'
'Those who don't (ever) buy tickets.'

Thats the best googly ever bowled by anyone, claiming around 30000 wickets without any tickets.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Headley History

Came across this all revealing background of David Headley alias Daood Gilani.

Its surprising to note that while he fought for or helped fundamentalist islam he never shied away from other liberal and capitalist avenues of life which Islam strictly prohibits like drugs,wine, women and partying.

Its a very dangerous world wherein the supposed puritans follow the paths of the so called 'kafirs' without shame and at the same time denounce the rest of the world as 'kafirs'.

India's food Grain Problem Solved !!

Yes you heard me right. We have been able to give a sustainable solution to our perennial problem of food grain shortage. Whats more , if the strategy works it may even be scaled up to meet the export targets too.

We start from hunger. Thus solving hunger. As simple as that. How ingenuous.

Have a look at this - More Indians are taking to hunger strikes. Thus the current food production will certainly end up being double the demand thus boosting our grain exports.

If you get more states in the bargain, all the more better because as a food sufficiency strategy the hunger campaigners must become successful in getting their own spaces declared as states. Only then can it serve as an incentive to drive more people on the hunger strike path.

But tell me something - If so many people are ready to go hungry, why are we complaining of food shortage in the first place?

Osama's Great Escape

This document here gives a detailed log of how things unfolded in 2001 resulting in the supposed escape of Osama Bin Laden.

Are they true? Is Osama not dead? Was he not buried on the afghan mountains after the american carpet bombing? Don't ask me.

It has all the charactaristics like the eternal Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose type mystery. The only difference probably being that while Netaji is held in high esteem as a national hero and as one who cared for the people , the other is a dreaded islamic fundementalist who burns down buildings full of people without even blinking, in the name of religion.

"Avatar for Christmas."

James Cameron presents another one of his Titanic efforts. Supposedly mind boggling in terms of special effects - "Avatar" has mixed reviews with more on the 4 star side than one the 2 star side.

Looking back at Titanic , Avatar should not be disappointing but can't be too sure that recession hasn't affected James Cameron also.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Tiger Out of The Woods!! Not Yet.

The Tiger is endangered for sure.

But that just cannot be. The business of sport has invested much in to the Tiger brand. Hence Secret romps and escapades not withstanding "Save Tiger Campaign " may be launched any time now. The brand managers might almost have finalised a smart way of recovery.

Also now that the normally drab and docile tiger has proved that he can not only roar but also romp, the brand becomes more colourful. More people now would be interested in tracking how Tiger finds his (watering) holes.