Friday, 21 August 2009

Minister With The Foot-In-The-Mouth Disease

After a lull he takes off again.

This time its his foul language. Ghulam Nabi Azad used some unparliamentary words in his swine flu induced delirium. He accuses the "bloody" state health departments of complacency amounting to culpable negligence whereas the central health ministry has supposedly stopped sleeping ever since the swine-flu hit India.

Bravo sir! Bravo! How committed you and your officials are. India is indeed lucky.

If someone tells you that you and your bloody officials kept on sleeping or was caught napping while the H1N1 entered due to improper screening at airport and other entry points, Iam sure you would be happy that such a mistake was pointed out and in such a stern language.

But I like it anyhow because as far as the public is concerned. It doesn't really matter whether its the central ministry or the state ministry that gets abused as long as things get done.

Jokes apart, Iam sure we may soon hear the minister again with both the foot in his mouth.

And if he sustains his tempo, he may not have miles to go before he sleeps and falls from his chair.

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