Saturday, 15 August 2009

A frisking Fiasco Yet Again

Its Sharukh Khan this time around.

Shame on us ,really.

What do we expect? :-

That we be allowed to pass through any place through the green or VIP channel?

That crowds buzz around us everywhere, as in Bandra, and then we shake our heads as if exasperated at being a celebrity, while secretly enjoying the same.

That no man consider his duty above our celebrity status?

That others are to take us for granted that like some of the MLA's and MPs and other big guns caught in the Human Traficking scandal - no S.R.Khan or any other man will ever be caught again.

That if Sharukh Khan decides to reduce the frequency of his visits to the US, the US as a country will wind up and hence they will start diluting their securuty checks.

That we expect the US and all others to take a defensive posture the moment we accuse them of discriminating others on religious grounds. Hence we take it as a first line of offence when pushed in to a corner.

That even though there are islamic terrorists all around, no country has any right to check on anyone since that amounts to suspecting everyone as islamic terrorsts.

In short we expect all others to follow the rule book as we do - i.e in a shamelessly lawless way.

We never had a rule book for ourselves.
Rules never applied to us.
It only applied to our neighbour or others when we wanted to suffocate them, when we wanted to impose ourselves on them.

Then our victims too lost faith in the rules.
Thus we all became lawless.

Now we believe that the histories of other countries too are similar to ours.
So it gives a jarring effect when others follow the rules, unlike us.

The SRKs and others in this part of the world, instead of visiting countries like US should stay there for longer periods to cure themselves of this "celebrity-flu".

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