Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Not Air Pockets, But Pockets Full

In these times of pronounced wails from the airline industry, its quite heartening to note that atleast one is flying without hitting air pockets.

Indigo air not only is making profit but steadily increasing its market share all the while sticking to its no frills model.

The link gives an idea about how some perform in difficult conditions too.


While every now and then the promoters of Jet Airways and KingFisher occupy the front pages of our news papers for reasons ranging from retrenchment to threats of strike followed by heavy sobs, Indigo people are not visible.

"The airline management declined to meet HT. Gangwal did not respond to emailed queries. CEO Aditya Ghosh, too, refused comments."

"And Bhatia said over phone, "We don't run our business through newspapers. I don't want to say anything."

Thats how they function. Quietly but efficiently. Especially the wails and threat to corner the Government pie being significantly absent.

The reasons for success may be many, including not making costly aquisitions (like King Fisher and Jet did). But most of all their one minded devotion in running the show efficiently with less of hype may have been the most important one.

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