Sunday, 9 August 2009

A case of Mass Arousal

Hospital, delivery, operation, nurses strike and baby dead. Do these sound like a part of any pornographic material ever published?

But pictures of this failed delivery were branded as pornography in Zambia. By none other than the President of the nation , Rupiah Banda, himself.

The journalist who mailed the photos, to highlight the plight of the patients, was charged with supplying pornography and arrested.


"The defence is arguing that the case rests on the definition of obscenity and so witnesses should have to describe what counts as obscene and arousing.

The first prosecution witness, the senior private secretary to the vice-president who opened the Post's letter, was roundly embarrassed by having to describe arousal."


The private secretary, I am sure, would have found it hard to describe "the great arousal" and would probably have resorted to fantacising.

The courts seem to be in cahoots with the aroused president, else it would've dismissed the case as frivoluos and refused to admit the same.

We should atleast be happy that the journalist (being woman) was charged with only pornography. Had the individual been male, they would have somehow fitted in a rape as well.

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