Friday, 12 February 2010

About Uncomfortable Smooches & PDAs

Never thought that like the Indians , the europeans too are not very comfortable locking the lips in public. Though in India its a blasphemy to coochy coo in public, the europeans are only a bit uncomfortable about it.

For Indians all their culture gets washed away by the saliva from the smooching mouths.

And by now you must all be knowing that PDA doesn't mean Personal Digital Assistant/Accessory always.


  1. My experience in France has been quite the contrary... people were quite fine about public display of attention!

    ... and an American mentioned it to me that Europeans get more cozy than Americans...

    Having said that, I lived for 3 months in a university where the average is 22... so those are my observations.

  2. well looking by wat we see in the movies and news cause obviously i haven;t been there ....but it seems to be pretty different picture...but European seems to be very bold and always accepting wat they are and not hiding behind the closed......

    i also wonder for this simple post you got 7 promotions in just one and half hours....interesting

  3. @g2 - I happy for the experiences u had abroad.;)

    @ Hitesh rawat, i didnt monitor the votes i was getting , thanks for doing the same. If 7 votes in 1 hr is a large number then Iam sure lot many people than we imagine are interested in PDAs ;). A big Thx for the comment