Monday, 1 February 2010

Tiger Woods got a Lot to Learn

While Tiger Woods is ducking behind trees and hiding behind bushes and is all but being lost to the world, here is a man who can teach a thing or two to the tiger.

Our man married five times and is under engagement for a sixth one.
He has a love child with a woman who is the daughter of a man (his friend). The man (the father of the woman mind you) being 6 years younger to him.

While he is happily around, his ministry is trying to prevent the spread of aids by condom use and faithfulness.

Thats South African President for you - Joseph Zuma.
In 2006, while being acquitted of rape, Mr Zuma admitted that he had made a mistake by having unprotected sex with a woman he knew to be HIV-positive. She was also the daughter of a family friend.

While Tiger Woods is hopping from one sex addiction clinic to the other, Zuma, here, is steadily building on his pre-marital, marital, post-marital & extra-marital ties and all the while ruling over his people.

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