Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Chest Full Of Ideas

Firstly, I had this hobby of staring at chests (with gender bias ofcourse)
That hooked me on to something else - staring at all printed chests (no gender bias here).
My occupation led me to the below mentioned discoveries.

Alas, I cannot pride myself as a pioneer on my Columbus style adventures - for I have seen many others of my clan straining their eyes in the process of similar discoveries.

Here I go :

"Printed on a female T-shirt - "Iam good in Bed - I can sleep for hours"
(for a split second I had those wonderful illusions until I fell down with a thud)

Again on the same place , the very same gender - "Whats inside is much better than what's seen outside - My heart"
(I didn't salivate this time and being more circumspect managed to avoid the thud)

"Power of Observation is good - But watch were you are going"
(that belonged to a crowd puller and all the columbuses managed to return with a sheepish grin)

"All Cover-Ups are not always bad"
(Very true, or else people are sure to go under the vehicle tyres, wide eyed!)

With monsoon coming things have become a bit difficult, between managing my umbrella and surveying the available reading material. But for the sake of you all , I promise I shall continue the good work.

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