Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gone With The Wind, the Story of Mergers

I set the alarm for next morning on my cellphone.
That set me thinking
. A few years ago I used to do the same on watches, mechanical or digital ones.
Now watches and and telephones have merged.

So have cameras and telephones.
Kodak people who made a fortune selling films went broke.
Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the rrriing......... rrrrring...... thing to eat up their cameras.

Type writers made way to their posher cousins - the elctronic type writers, whose print outs commanded a premium as regards the out put from their poor cousins. That's before that intelligent, multi tasking computer fellow ate up the whole of typing world. Remington became history.

Form walk man we have come a long way to ipods and songs & videos on mobiles etc.
We rarely switch on our bulky music systems now a days unless we are partying. We cannot stay put to give company to our immobile audio systems. The words 'Stereo' and 'music system' have almost been forgotten.

The edges are getting blurred day by day. Music available on telephone, telephones doubling up as mini computers, computers sort of becoming the hub from where thing are routed or re -routed in case of need. Things have become interchangeable and truly integrated. The time is not far away when the multiple gadgets may give way for a single one.



  1. THX. Its true- thats why it looks like its nicely written ;)