Monday, 1 February 2010

A Deserving Padmashri

'I deserved it' - says Saif Ali Khan regarding him getting awarded the Padma shri.
He also adds - 'The previous awardees haven't exaclty invented nuclear bombs', thus admitting that his having done nothing just doesn't exclude him from the reckoning.

Add two and two togather we get to know that nothing much needs be done to deserve a Padmashri. Any Shriman can deserve it. Then why do only some get awarded?

And then he says "I will live up to the award".

Now if no one knows on what basis the award is given, then how does one live up its expecatations?

What the heck, if Obama can be given the Nobel Prize as a forward looking statement than on his achievements then why not Saif, atleast that will keep him away from hunting black bucks.

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