Thursday, 3 September 2009


Inspite of reading widely I go blind many a times. That's why after the galmourous tech savvy Chandra Babu Naidoo left the political helm in Andhra, I turned blind towards the Andhra Pradesh politics. Till recently I did not know that YSR was from congress (not that it mattered).
My ignorance made him unpopular to me.

On the 2nd of September 2009 afternoon during a friendly chat with someone from Andhra , it was, that I learnt about the dissappearance of the state's chief minister. Since then things have changed a lot.

I was glued to the media, trying to keep track of the search operation updates. That's how I came to know a lot more about the person that YSR was. Now I see why he upstaged Chandra Babu Naidoo. He was popular - a people's man.

Its a bit late in the day for me to know about him. But I still can live with that. But he does not.

Its sad that a state loses its chief minister in this fashion.
Its sad that his family loses his presence in such a way.
Its sad that another 4 families and the loved ones lose their lifelines.

The fault may lie with anyone (or everyone) from the dead chief minister himself to the DGCA, the pilots or the technicians who maintained the helicopter. But its extremely unfortunate that 5 men die of something that was clearly preventable.

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