Friday, 4 September 2009

CEO - Encoffination Pvt. Ltd !

Yes you heard it right- "encoffination" as in - 'putting the dead body in a coffin'

In Japan its a package deal to cleanse and prepare the dead body, conduct or help in the wake and then complete the subsequent cremation. The company offers the complete package deal or individual deals for a particular part only.

It can also be pre-booked for one's own funeral too. Relatives are just left with conveying the death intimation. Rest will be taken care of by the company. Neighbours and relatives need not swoop down and take over in the grief ridden absence of the family members. Everything is arranged professionally.

I also never knew that an oscar winning film was made on this kind of a company official ("Departures").

Also notice the similarities in the post creamtion procedures of the Buddhist Japanese and the Hindu system. The "urn"; "Bone collection"etc. Surprising is'nt it?.

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