Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Testoterone Problem

The Castor Semenya controversy is getting debated all over the place. The South Africans are rallying behind the allegedly hermaphrodite athlete. The athlete and her family are feeling victimised and humiliated. The world athletic body is deliberating and the general public is confused.

On one side I can ask , "Can't the transgenders be allowed to compete?

On the other side, the other female athletes will feel aggrieved in being sexually challenged in a hermaphrodite athletic sort of way.

So what to do? Add another transgender event?

Semenya herself says - "I see it all as a joke, it doesn't upset me. God made me the way I am and I accept myself."

What ever the outcome, the differential testoterone level is creating a lot of head aches across te athletic kingdom.

There is no such confusion in the animal kingdom. Tuscan Abbe was found to be a hermahrodite too, internal testes and all. She is barred from participating in all mares and fillies championships since carrying testes (internal or external) is quite un-lady like.

Tuscan Abbe shook her mane, not in protest but out of habit and went back to munching the green grass. Afterall unlike Semenya the medal goes to the jockey and Tuscan gets only her grass.

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