Saturday, 12 September 2009

How Much Do I work For Myself

Idle mind is a devil's play ground.
Having nothing much to do made me think up something and thus wasting your as well as my time.

So here is what I thought up:

I work for 6 days a week.

1) I pay 30% tax. Hence 1/3 of my working days is eaten up by the government. Meaning I
dont work for myself but for the government.

So that makes it 6-2 = 4 days work for myself.

2) But no. I have leveraged i.e I have availed a housing loan and a vehicle loan (the legitimate dreams of an Indian middle class constituent). Both togather amounting to 5 times my annual pay. I pay 10% tax on both of them.

Hence 5 multiplied by weekly working days = 30 days.
10% of that means 3 days. These 3 days I work for the bank from whom I took loan.

3) So in total 2 days for tax + 3 days for loan = 5 working days for others.

So , just one day working for myself ? That's pathetic.

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