Wednesday, 16 September 2009

You Could Be Jailed For Owning A Share!!

Now don't panic and start selling off all your shares. The markets may come down and I might be branded a market manipulator.

This is going to be a law in Russia actually.
This news item in moscow times says that the executives and share holders of companies will be held liable and punished suitably for unpaid wages. The clause about share holder being a limited liability partner may be ignored. One has to be careful in buying even one share of any company and should be venturing out only after ascertaining the levels of unpaid wages. The moment one gets wind of any unpaid wages everything should be sold - lock stock and barrel. Afterall while your shares might be running huge profits in your portfolio you might be cooling your heels in Siberia.

I wonder what treatment will be given to sacked employees accounting? - salaries that should have been paid but instead employee sacked and hence share holders to be jailed? Again what if the executive's salaries are not paid? Who should be jailed? The employees?

Now I know why share holders/promoters interest are closely linked to that of the employees. Infact all are togather in a big mess with the introduction of this great accounting principle.

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