Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Far removed from us, in the Xinjiang province of China, things turned for the worse.

We really dont know much about China , do we? Also we care less about them than we care for their missiles. China really is in the blind spot for us. We dont want those slimy , moth and snake eating people to disturb our dreams of the western world.

But as we read further , we find out that people all over the world are similar. Similar histories leading to similar consequences and futures. The linkages are blurred by the boundaries and distances.

The marathi manoos in Mumbai shouts for his rights. The others from outside feel 'we too belong'.

Parallels are everywhere, and lessons for us to learn.

Like other minorities, Uighurs are given additional points in China's college entrance exam, but as a group they don't have the same educational level as Han Chinese. Many can't speak fluent Mandarin. Company managers with roots outside of Xinjiang often make hiring decisions based on connections or regional origin, leaving Uighurs at a disadvantage. China doesn't have a fair-hiring law, meaning that those with sufficient skills and experience still have no recourse if they face discrimination in the job market.

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