Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Face Book Story....

Those facebook buffs need to go through this link too :-
Facebook began in 2003 with two Harvard students: the now-famous programmer Zuckerberg, 25, and his classmate Eduardo Saverin, 26, who bankrolled the original operation and is no longer affiliated with the company. Both, according to the book, were self-proclaimed nerds who couldn’t get a date to save their life. The connection between not getting any and inventing Facebook would seem preposterous, if Mezrich weren’t so consistent in portraying Facebook’s founders as sexually frustrated. He measures each step of Facebook’s success in sexual currency.
What is written there may or may not be true. But what needs to be undertood is :-

1) All good things may not have been started with a holy attitude.

2) Even nerds are inetrested in girls. None escapes them.

3) At the bottom of every pyramid is a female. She decides if this Pyramid is to be felled or to inspire someone else to make another pyramid - in her honour that is.

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