Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Just under 8 months after 26/11 and look at our "Resilient Mumbai"

There goes all our resolve to teach the perpetrators of crime a lesson.
We were resilient with our candle light marches. Almost like a picnic on foot to Gate way of India.
No candle lights this time around against the promised talks witth Pak?

By the way, why not have a hunger strike instead of a candle light march?
Not so glamourous or upmarket or sexy? And after all we have to get back to our good lives right?
So candle is the best.
Ask Kasab , he will also agree, incase u want an approval from someone of stature.

Everything is now forgotten and washed away in the heavy monsoon down pour. The glitterati and the self righteuous citizens have returned back to their respective roles - candles are kept handy incase its needed all of a sudden.

So until next 26/11 we talk.
Now read the link below:

Since we know about our resolve,why cant we just devote our time to "Targeting" than "Talking". Atleast by hit and trial if we can get some odd result, even that is better no?

The Dawoods and others sitting deep inside Pakistan deserve nothing less.
Unlike the melodranmatic Kasab trial going on at huge expenditure of tax payers money - ELIMINATE should probably be the ideology.

Identify , Target and Eliminate at all levels - there lies our peace and not in the shadows of our candle light nor in chatting up your neighbour.


--> Security stepped up in Mumbai after IB warning-->
Wed, Jul 15 01:33 PM
Wed, Jul 15 01:33 PM
Mumbai, Jul 15 (PTI) Security has been stepped up across the financial capital and in neighbouring districts following Intelligence Bureau (IB) inputs warning of possible terror strike. "We have increased our vigil at some banks in the city and also railway stations following the IB warning on July 8," Maharashtra Minister of State for Home Naseem Khan told PTI here today.
Such warnings and inputs from the IB are received on a regular basis and accordingly security is beefed up at necessary locations, he said. According to police sources, vigil has been increased at railway stations like Churchgate, Dadar, Andheri (on Western line) and a few on the Central Railway''s Harbour line in neighbouring Navi Mumbai.
The IB also mentions four dates on which terrorists plan to carry out the attacks, the sources added.
What did I tell u..See....
All the while we are talking, they are scheming to blow our ass off.
Perpetrators are either this fellow or that fellow, the blame gets shifted. The target remains the same. INDIA.

Hail Candle Light !!

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