Thursday, 19 February 2009


So I ask my wife " Would you choose me in our next birth too?"

" If Iam the husband, that is.” She replies matter of factly and seemed prepared, as always ladies are. You just cannot surprise them, even with a gift. But I never tried that - to be honest.

Iam confused. Whether to accept the proposal for the next birth. As of now the company was running smoothly as far as I was concerned.

This was a new spanner in the works - a googly.

I sent one flipper across “ How does it matter? We have each other’s company so lets continue our status quo”

It went through the covers for a four “ That’s what , since it does not matter lets have a role reversal for a change” , she said.

“ It shall be my pleasure then to teach you a thing or two…. etc. she continued with the follow through for the cover drive.

“ But then you are doing the same now too……”

But quickly I relinquished the body line style of bowling. That will get me no-where and I will have to become my wife next time around.

“ Well….what If I correct myself this time ? Can I retain my place in the squad next time?”
“ You can never correct yourself “. “You will be - YOU” .

Now only the mercy plea remained, after the judgement.

“Help me change….” I plead.

That’s when she surprised me again “ Well ….since you cannot be changed and since I like it that way – I agree for the next term too”

“On the other hand since you announced that you love me, so that’s another reason”

“….and when did I do that? “ I ask perplexed.

“ when you thought hard to find a reason to continue with me next time around.”

"A cup of tea please". I order, satisfied at retaining my position for the next term too.

With the background music from the kitchen, my eyes go back once again to the news paper , preparing to enjoying another lazy Sunday morning.

Meanwhile my son all of three years, sitting beside me and oblivious of the plans for the next birth and trying to imitate his father now, is peering hard at a news paper held upside down.

Thats a wonderful team I guess.

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