Wednesday, 11 February 2009


The same mystic story like "The Alchemist" with some message, but much blander , more convoluted- may be unnecessarily even. May be a great book I dont know, but it has taken away the apetite fromme for any more Coelho books.

Ass, Booze and Cleavages almost everywhere. An upmarket- Bizzarre at times and a spoilt brat- who lacks a good whack- on her behind, kind of story . A convoluted girlie story in an AWESOME flood of words. A modern and much extroverted Kamala Das- suraiyya? A great first book by a twenty and a lot many things youngster

A must read. Unsually fast moving Booker prize winning novel. Powerful usage of simple words. Pick it up once and I promise, you will never keep it down. Describes scenes as intricately and deeply as "The God of small things" reflecting the observation power of a real author. But this is about a much broad based India (than a niche India as in the "God of...") and much thought provoking. All in all, a simple story attempting to say much more than the story hence a great effort.

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