Monday, 28 December 2009

Listen to This ...........

Someone says - "......matters of public policy are not to be discussed in public."

WHAT THE F... does he mean?

Then how are they to be discussed - privately? Secretly may be... so that those privileged few with prior information (insider information) of things can keep on exploiting the others - the public, because they are not entitled to know of policies made on their behalf.

This is what external affairs minister S.M. Krishna had to tell about the tweeting Shashi Tharoor and his 'wayward ways'.

Now if the "public policy" cannot be discussed, analysed, taken apart or critcised in public then there is no use us lamenting about the state of affairs in India. With ministers talking like this - the secretive, non transparent administrative methods are bound to thrive at all levels from the Presidential Bungalow to the local police station where it took Ruchika and her kin years to file an FIR.

S.M. Krishna should first of all stop behaving as if he is the only man with a balanced mind who can absorb it all and that the rest of his country men are absolute duds who understand nothing and more over create a mess if kept informed.

How long will these pompous ministers keep hoodwinking the public like N. D. Tiwari did till he was 86 ?

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