Sunday, 1 March 2009


First things first- I write but in a very small way.
But since I write I too am prone to my own small time pitfalls.
All writers write based on some real experiences I guess.
I do.
But while those real experiences are true they are far removed from what is written later.

Like for example :

"I scaled the walls of the ladies hostel..........was temporarily rusticated........." I wrote once somewhere to depict my non- existent student day exploits .

"That was really- really bad of you". A friend said and passed me a despicable glance.

Another who sounded like having a grudge with me said, " Really you are that kind of a person- I can understand". She spat. The flames from her mouth danced - like those of the chinese dragon.

My folly was I wrote the small write up in the first person. The incident that inspired me to make such a statement went somewhat like this:

(I and my friend were returning from town after a film. As we entered the campus there were loud bursts of crackers- the elections were won by some students group. Someone later told me that some fully drunk students (from the intense celebrations) tried climbing the walls of the ladies hostel. No one was either temporarily or permamnently rusticated)

Now look at what happened to my charactar when I wrote that in the first person after spicing it up a bit.

Any how I never retorted at my friends comments. (and how are they to know if what Iam writing is true or not) I sort of inwardly laughed at the way I effectively hoodwinked people with my writing and ofcourse all the while I was getting the balls of my charactar squashed too.

At times people read more into your writing than what you have actually meant. Once someone wrote " ....the ant tavelled from my left hand to my right........." or something like that depicting the movement of an ant on his body. (I tell you he should've ignored the ant)

One great proof reader suggested to the editor of the magazine - " its vulgar Iam sure...". (You know what ?- the proof reader surely must have been into lots of cheap porn)

The writer denied all such allegations. But finally he agreed to editing the line out than being seen as a molestor that too by the ant method.

So never write in the first person ? Many do.

Some others give names to the characters but really make them sound like the author himself. Giving a personal touch certainly brings the characters alive. So a bit of flesh and blood is a must I guess.

The mysterious grey area between the truth and fiction can be luciously exploitable. (its akin to a women coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel rather than fully nude, the former makes you salivate where as the latter can hit you like halley's comet)

Ofcourse the original "First person-Ball squashky" problem of your character still exists. I've not forgotten that.

So how to write -First person, Second person or as a Bystander?

Dont ask me. Honestly, I dont know.

As far as Iam concerned, blogs are basically 'I write - U read the crap"

So clear now? - Ur screwed the moment u stepped on to this blog.

Gud night.

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